Ongoing Activities

The National Ozone Unit currently conducts the following activities.

  1. Impose regulations to ban the import, assembling and manufacturing of new or used equipment containing HCFCs.
  2. Submission of reports with data to the ozone secretariat and Multilateral Fund secretariat on the details of consumption of HCFCs and HFCs (under the article 7 of the Protocol).
  3. Actions taking on collecting data in respect of the import of HFCs and impose regulations.
  4. Facilitate and direct to develop capacity of the technicians on the recovery, reclaim and reuse of the refrigerants.
  5. Maintain and update a database on the technicians engaging in the industry island wide.
  6. Issuance of quota entitled to Sri Lanka for the import of HCFCs for eligible business entities who engaged actively in servicing, assembling and installing in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) sector using HCFCs or importing HCFCs refrigerant and equipment over the last 5
  7. Introducing national standards for the flammable, toxic or hazardous 
  8. Standardizing the technicians engaging in the RAC industry with special emphasis on technicians without having a formal technical education.
  9. Promoting zero ODP and low GWP refrigerants among the technicians in the RAC industry.
  10. Promoting Refrigerant Driving License (RDL) program in assistance with UNEP for the technicians in Sri Lanka.
  11. Carrying out assessments when and where needed for phasing out and phasing down plans.
  12. Maintaining close engagement with Stakeholders in sector wise for the phasing out of HCFCs and HFCs.
  13. Implementation of awareness programs with stakeholder agencies including the officials of Sri Lanka customs and Import Export Control Department on the implementation of regulations.
  14. Awareness creation and promotional activities on the phasing out programs.



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